Wedding Video Editing. Our main goal as a wedding editor is to piece together your wedding footage as perfectly as we possibly can, creating a story of the days events onto DVD that you will be proud to show your friends and family.

So we take your digital footage containing your wonderful wedding day, captured by friends and family and create a finished presentation for you to cherish forever.

Don't worry if you have sections of your footage that you wish could be removed, including out of focus shots, video of people's feet or noise that you would prefer wasn't there, it's all part of the service to achieve the complete Wedding Video.

We have the skills as a professionally video editor to piece together all those most important precious moments on a single DVD captured forever!


Here at FG Wedding Video Editing we have the ability to capture those special memories onto DVD at a price that will not break the bank, creating a DVD unique to you that is simply priceless.

We have edited many weddings over the years, and we are very proud that our clients have taken the time to send us reviews to post onto our website. So please take a moment to read our clients reviews by visiting our Wedding Video Editing Portfolio. We take great pride in our wedding video editing work, it's extremely important that we get a 5 Star customer rating and so we work hard to achieve what the client requires and then a little bit more, so everyone is happy and the client receives a wedding dvd that will be enjoyed forever.


Please go through these simple steps below to help you to help us achieve your Perfect Wedding DVD.

Within the "Wedding Brief" just use this to outline anything important that you believe will help us in the editing process including:

Step 1: How much footage?

How much actual footage in total will you be sending us? Our prices below will give you a guide to what we charge as it's based solely on the amount of footage you send us. So please view "What are the pricing options" below.

Step 2: Photo slide show with your music?

Please supply up to 99 photos which is the maximum. Give us the photo order you wish to view them in and retitle them, 1.jpg, 2.jpg up to 99.jpg

Step 3: How much music?

If you can send us your music that reflects your memories together, say 4-8 songs that would be very helpful in the over all presentation.

Step 4: How many extra DVDs, if required?

We supply 4 finished copies as standard in our prices, so please indicate if you require additional copies.

By sending us your photos and music, this will allow us to use both within the main wedding presentation as well as the photo slideshow.

Once you've gone through these steps then please fill in our "CONTACTS" Form, where we can confirm our prices and answer any questions you may have.



Our Pricing Structure is purly based on the amount of footage you will be sending us. It's the only way we can give you the right price based on the amount of video footage we need to bring onto our editing systems and then go through and edit it down to between 1 - 1.5hrs


Option 1: sending us between 1-2 hrs of footage to edit = £250

Option 2: sending us between 2-3 hrs of footage to edit = £300

Option 3: sending us between 3-4 hrs of footage to edit = £350

Option 4: sending us between 4-5 hrs of footage to edit = £400

Option 5: sending us between 6-7 hrs of footage to edit = £450

The prices above include, approx 1hr of edited footage, plus 4 dvd copies, scene selection, photo slideshow to music received, printed label, proofing and delivery.


Once we have agreed on a price, we will send through an invoice for the deposit. Once we have received the deposit and your Wedding footage and files, we will book in a time slot which is normally around 5-10 working days. Then once we have finished editing your Wedding footage, we will send off the DVD for you approval. If you do require amendments to the DVD, then we will make amendments from your written instructions outlining what you require changing and where (in hours and minutes). This is all in the price, this is not an extra!

But we only do this once for the price, so please be clear about any amendments you wish to have done. Then we will send off the second dvd for final approval. Then once approved, we will ask for the balance and then return any memory sticks etc a long with your finish Wedding DVDs to complete this editing project.


Once the price has been approved by both parties, we will firstly send you an invoice for the deposit and also ask you to send your Memory Stick containing your video footage, photos and music plus a simple "Wedding Editing Brief" to help us with the editing.

Within the "Wedding Brief" just use this to outline anything important that you believe will help us in the editing process including:

The Names of the Bride and Groom,
The Wedding Venues Name
The Location of the Venues
The Date of the Wedding

Also any important bits of information that you believe will help us with the editing process, that will otherwise be left on the digital cutting room floor. If you are giving us notes on specific files within your memory stick, then please make sure that these items are marked clearly.

Please click on our WEDDING VIDEO BRIEF button to help you further.



The finished wedding dvd will be in a clear plastic wallet with a printed cover as seen throughout our portfolio. The Wedding DVD will contain the following within the menu;

  • Wedding Presentation: 1-1.5hrs
  • Photo Slideshow: 99 images to your supplied music
  • Scene Selection: chapter select including Ceremony, Speeches, First Dance etc…

  • Extra Footage:¬

  • Montáge of the Day: 3-5 minutes
  • Outtakes: if required and if footage allows
  • Special Moments: if we have room and if footage allows