Who Are We?

Hello my name is Ray and welcome to FG Wedding Video Editing based in Dorset UK.

The business has been established since July 1996, but I've been editing Wedding Videos longer than that, starting with friends and family and it just all grew from there.

Back in the day, I was supplied VHS & Hi8 tapes and then edited back onto VHS cassettes as video recorders were in everyones home and all movies were on VHS.

Then we moved on to MiniDV tapes being supplied to us, then SD cards but now it's mostly memory sticks as it's now a completely digital process.

I edit Wedding Videos as I have a passion for it and I really do enjoy the process. It's wonderful to be invited to each and every wedding, of course not in person, but still part of the Bride and Grooms special day.

My job is to be respectful and sensitive to the footage we've been supplied, to carefully piece together the days events so that each couple can enjoy the day in reflection in the peace and quiet of their own home.

It is a true pleasure creating these wedding dvds and our clients kind words reflect the work that we have achieved over the years. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that we can be of service to you.

why choose us?


We have well over 21 years experience in Wedding Video Editing with a passion that reflects our finished work.


From reading our clients reviews, you can see that we are an wedding editing studio that can be trusted with your personal wedding material.


Our prices DON'T reflect the hours and hours of work we put in to achieve the complete wedding dvd, but they DO reflect our passion and service in wishing to help each and every couple achieve a wedding dvd that they can cherish forever and it's a pleasure to do so.

Proofing & Payment!

Once a price has been agreed, we only ask for a deposit, then when we have finished editing the first wedding dvd, we send it off for you to look over. If any amendments are required, then we honor that, then reproof it again and if all has been done to your satisfaction based on your amendments, then we ask for the balance of payment, then send off all the finished dvds plus your memory stick to complete the job.

Satisfaction Garanteed!

We value the work we do and in turn our clients appreciate the time and effort we put in the achieve the best wedding video we possibly can. That's why we get wonderful testimonials and recommendations from our clients to their friends and family and you can't get better than that.